A message from Danny Donahue,

CSEA Unit 8950, Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-706-9620 

Groups like the Empire Center, National Right to Work Foundation, and others funded by corporations and rich CEOs are going to try to trick you into giving up your rights. They’ve succeeded in getting the Supreme Court to side with them in the recent Janus decision in their attempts to weaken our ability to protect our rights, but they won’t stop there. Expect them to contact you in an effort to convince you to give up wages, health care, and pensions by giving up your union power.

We will Never Quit! We will prove time and time again that we will not give in to groups funded by the rich and powerful, or anyone who stands in our way as we fight for better wages, better benefits, safer workplaces, and the respect we all deserve as hardworking Americans.

Right now, you matter even more than ever before. It’s up to all of us to protect everything we have because these groups are going to keep trying to take away our power and the respect we deserve. We will stick together and fight back. Let them know we’re never going to quit!

See CSEA’s Never Quit toolkit or call CSEA at 1-800-342-4146 for more information.

Stay Union. Stay Strong!

In solidarity,

Danny Donohue