CSEA Unit 8950, Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: 845-706-9620 

Dear Unit 8950 member:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that on July 1st, 2017, the following individuals have taken office:

     * Janet Knott, President
     * J. Kirk Jones, Executive VP
     * Christopher Gillespie, 1st VP
     * AnnMarie Lubera, 2nd VP
     * David Johnson, 3rd VP
     * Tina Buono, Treasurer
     * Sheri Farrell, Secretary

We thank you for your support. We are now ready to get down to work. We look forward to representing all of you, whether it be during contract negotiations, grievances, political action, etc. As you may or may not be aware, unions across the country are undergoing many challenges. We cannot take for granted all of the benefits (including health insurance, vacation, sick time, out of title pay, seniority, overtime pay, etc.) we enjoy as a result of being unionized.
Some of our goals include, but are not limited to:

         * Negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement
         * Updating the unit website
         * Investigating and processing grievances on a more timely basis
         * Utilizing other types of social media in order to improve communication
         * Reestablishing worksite meet & greets
         * Continuation of social events

In closing, we look forward to meeting all of you at some point and would ask that you consider joining a committee as a way of getting more involved (please check with your local rep for more information). At a minimum, please contact one of your union building representatives, officers, or shop stewards for a form and provide your contact information (name, phone, HOME email) so that we can make sure everyone receives important information regarding issues that are important to ALL of us.


Janet Knott and the Unit 8950 Executive Board

csea unit 8950


Janet Knott