8/1/17 The contract negotiations team met with the County.  The County was not prepared to exchange contract proposals, but ground rules were discussed, and dates for upcoming negotiations have been scheduled. Our next meeting is September 18, 2017, at which time we expect to exchange proposals with the County. We will be updating the website and facebook page with any contract news at that time."  

      Janet Knott

         CSEA Unit President



  • Howard Baul:  CSEA Labor Relations Specialist (LRS)
  • Pat Carroll:  Security, County Office Building
  • Chris Gillespie:  Unit Vice-President, Buildings and Grounds Division
  • Kathleen Harrison:  Shop Steward, DSS
  • Janet Knott:  Unit President,  Mental Health/Health
  • Tom Stange:  UCCC

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 Negotiations Post

We met again with the County, both sides are digging in with their proposals. There is push back in both directions, but we continue to negotiate in good faith. I am sure that many CSEA members are becoming impatient, but I ask you to respect the process, as we continue to represent everyone's best interest. We are making progress!
Our next session is Tuesday, January 9th, 2018.

Happy Holidays to you and your families.

10/10/17 The CSEA negotiations team met with the County. We exchanged proposals, but there is nothing further to report. Our next negotiation is set for Thursday, 11/2/17. Please contact anyone on the negotiations team if you have any questions.

Janet Knott
CSEA Unit President

A printed copy is also available at the Union Office upon request from your Local or Unit representative.

To view the MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BY and BETWEEN THE COUNTY OF ULSTER And CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, Inc. LOCAL 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO For THE ULSTER COUNTY UNIT #8950 (September 2014) - Click the "View Memorandum " radio button. As is the case with the "View Contract" icon, the website will download a copy of the PDF file on certain smartphones, but will display if using a web browser on your computer 

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9/14/17 The County of Ulster notified us on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017, that they are still not prepared to exchange proposals. That said, our negotiation meeting scheduled for Monday, September 18th, 2017 - has been cancelled.

Our next meeting will be on October 10th, 2017.

 Janet Knott
CSEA Unit President

Previous Contract Update Posts

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 Negotiations Post

We met with the County as planned. There was a more detailed discussion regarding contract proposals, as compared to previous sessions.
We continue to forge ahead and ask for your continued support and patience while we negotiate on your behalf.
The next session is Tuesday, December 19th, 2017.

Janet Knott

CSEA Unit President

Janet Knott
CSEA Unit President

11/02/17  The CSEA negotiations team met with the County.  We presented arguments/justifications for half of our proposals.We ran out of time to get through all of them, but are scheduled to meet again on Monday 11/13/17. There is a lot of work to be done as we remain in the early phases of negotiations.
The team and I continue to work hard on your behalf.

11/13/17  We met with the County again. We were able to present the rest of our proposals and listened to the county proposals.
Our next negotiations is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th, 2017. We will be getting into more serious discussions as we enter into the real working phases of negotiations.

We continue to work hard for all CSEA members.

Janet Knott

CSEA Unit President

CSEA Unit 8950, Kingston, NY 12401

‚ÄčPhone: 845-706-9620   

Email: president@cseaunit8950.com

Janet Knott
CSEA Unit President